Booking online

Booking Online Tips Here we are, starting a new Cruise Season at Puerto Madryn, and we continue improving ourselves, this season we renewed our website, and introduce a platform where you will find each service we provide (cruise shore excursions) to each cruise passenger arriving to Puerto Madryn. Each tour has a full description of … Read more

The Blue Balloon

We are Sentir Patagonia Travel, the Blue Ballon company at Puerto Madryn pier, as you can see our staff it’s always holding a Blue Balloon, so you can find us quickly !!! Please try to disembark as soon as the ship docks, so we can start the tour as early as possible, and you will have more time … Read more

Starting a new season in 1,2,3…go

At Sentir Patagonia Travel we are very happy, our 14th cruise ship season it’s around the corner.we have some very good news, our new proposal Peninsula Valdes & Estancia San Lorenzo tour it’s working better than we thought, it’s having a lot of enquires and reservations; Of course Punta Tombo tour and Peninsula Valdes tour … Read more

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