The Blue Balloon

We are Sentir Patagonia Travel, the Blue Ballon company at Puerto Madryn pier, as you can see our staff it’s always holding a Blue Balloon, so you can find us quickly !!!

Please try to disembark as soon as the ship docks, so we can start the tour as early as possible, and you will have more time to enjoy the trip and return to the ship on time.

We will be waiting for you, at the pier, next to the ship, with a sign with your name; also our tour guide will be holding a blue balloon, so you can find us pretty easy. I´ll be waiting for you at the dock and I will introduce our tour guide to you.

After the ship’s crew will let the people disembark, we will wait for no more than 45 minutes to start the tour

Sentir Patagonia Travel EVT
Leg. 12630